Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Handy Dandy cluster.cmd to PowerShell Cmdlet cheat sheet

This is my handy cheat-sheet to convert traditional cluster.cmd commands to PowerShell Cmdlet usage. Of course you can shell to cluster.cmd from within PowerShell but that's cheating even if you didn't know you are doing it. Such is the awesomeness of PowerShell that sometimes you think you are writing PS1 and you are not.

cluster.cmd command PowerShell Cmdlet
Cluster.exe <Cluster Name> /propGet-Cluster <Cluster Name> | fl *
Cluster.exe <Cluster Name> /privGet-Cluster <Cluster Name> | Get-ClusterParameter
Cluster.exe <Cluster Name> groupGet-ClusterGroup
-Cluster <Cluster Name>
Cluster.exe <cluster Name> node Get-ClusterNode -Cluster
<Cluster Name>
Cluster.exe <cluster name> res Get ClusterResource -Cluster
<Cluster name>
Cluster.exe <Cluster name> netGet-ClusterNetwork -Cluster <cluster name>
Cluster.exe <cluster name> netintGet-ClusterNetworkInterface
-Cluster <cluster name>
Cluster.exe <cluster name> group /move:<Node name>Move-ClusterGroup -Name <group
name> -Node <Node name> -Cluster <cluster name>
Cluster.exe log Get-ClusterLog
Cluster.exe <cluster name> /create …New-Cluster
Cluster.exe <cluster name> group /addAdd-ClusterGroup
Cluster.exe <cluster name> group <group name> /onStart-ClusterGroup -Name <group
name> -Cluster <cluster name>

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